American Flag DIY Craft

For Christmas, my mom asked for new wall decor for her bedroom that had a rustic feel to it. I ended up making her two projects that I think you would really enjoy making too. The first is this American Flag made with an old picture frame and fabric. The second piece is two hanging flower pots. I hope to get the DIY instructions for that projects up on this site soon, and when I do I will put the link to it at the bottom of this post.

The instructional video for this craft can be seen here,

Below I have listed the supplies I used, where I found them, and their price,

  • Picture Frame, Goodwill, $7.99
  • Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
  • Wooden Strip 1/2 inch wide (I bought 3 but only used 2), Joann Fabrics, around $1.99
  • Ruler
  • Scissors (I would recommend using fabric scissors)
  • Fabric
    • Blue with Stars, Craft World Outlet, $0.75
    • Red With Stripes, Craft World Outlet, $1.00
  • Paint Brushes, Walmart, $2.97
  • Acrylic Paint (Colors: White, Acrylic White, and one to match your frame), Walmart, $0.50
  • Sand Paper

I got the idea for this project after seeing the fabric on sale at the craft store. I initially wanted to put the fabric in a window frame but I couldn’t find one that I wanted to use. I decided to make something that looked like a window frame using the picture frame and the wooden sticks.

I hope you enjoy watching this DIY video and have fun making your own American Flag wall decor.

—Anna (3/11/2017)

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