Makeup Organizer

This organizer is great for not only makeup but also for pens and pencils or anything else that is small. I have been using this in my dorm room since I have gotten back from Christmas break and I have absolutely loved it. I no longer have to dig through a makeup drawer when I am trying to get ready.

You will need:

  • a cookie sheet (Thrift store, $1)
  • containers (Dollar Tree, $3 total)
  • spray paint (I used the paint that I already had in the garage.)
  • small hinge clips (I got mine from the local craft store for about $4 for a different project and used the extra for this.)
  • hot glue
  • Gorilla glue

My total for this project: $4.30

The first thing I did was wash the cookie tray because the one I bought was very dirty. Then I went out in the garage and spray painted the cookie sheet and the containers. The cookie sheet is painted Grape, the rectangle containers are painted Black, and the pencil holders are painted Metallic Gold. After everything was nice and dry, I hot glued the hinge clips to the cookie sheet. After the hot glue dried, I reinforced the glue by putting Gorilla glue anywhere where the clips touched the cookie sheet. I did this because the hot glue gets to clips to stick to the cookie sheet because gorilla glue to runny to do that. I used Gorilla glue because it makes the clips strong enough to hold the containers and whatever you choose to store in them. Because desk space is limited in my dorm room, and because my room has brick walls, I decided to hang the organizer by screwing it into the corkboard.

I hope you enjoy this organizer. Let me know in the comments what you like about it or what you would have done different. —Anna (3/11/2017)

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